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Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes A.C.

Founded in 1997, Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes (Certain Inhabitants Theatre), is a Mexican company with wide national and international recognition, having performed in the most prestigious forums, in more than 200 cities on 5 continents. The high quality of each of its staging has made the company deserve multiple awards. Proposes and participates in innovative community, ecological and educational projects for the new generations.


Thanks to the interdisciplinary conformation of the members, Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes has also produced films, television programs, books, radio series and recordings.


Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes has positioned itself as one of the most internationally recognized Latin American avant-garde companies. It has been presented in forums to which the theater of our country has never been invited before. In its bold and laborious path, it has opened unsuspected and innovative gaps abroad for other artists from Mexico and Latin America, without neglecting his commitment and presence in the nation.

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