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ArtBoretum arises as an educational alternative that includes art, ecology, human development, and community integration. We work with high level teachers with their own techniques to offer a broad spectrum of workshops, courses, certifications and meetings, aimed for groups and individuals of all ages, formation and origins. 

In addition to our educational offerings, we are open to third party proposals and initiatives to impart their knowledge in our center.

Educational axes

Artboretum Educación - Eje artístico


ArtBoretum promotes personal and group artistic development with an interdisciplinary emphasis and creative stage design labs.  

We offer full or partial training in all areas that make up the artistic process; investigation, conceptualization, proposal, creation, production, promotion, and dissemination. 


We have an active collaboration with diverse companies, creative and educational centers, cultural institutions and festivals, to fulfill educational projects and academic exchanges.

Artboretum Educación - Eje ambiental .jpg


ArtBoretum encourages the visitor to have contact with nature and become sensitive to its needs. We support a change in attitude patterns and consumer habits, thus collaborating with the application of activities to combat climate change.

We promote environmental education, forest resource management, joint and communal action as well as demonstration models of sustainable construction. We participate in our local forests’ conservation as a protected natural area. 

Artboretum Educación - Eje de desarrollo humano.jpg


ArtBoretum increases the wellbeing and integrative development of the individual through singular experiences that lead to an expansion of their capabilities, options, and opportunities.

We implement therapeutic techniques and human development tools with a focus on group integration learning, and artistic creation. We facilitate processes and tools for conflict resolution. 

Artboretum Educación - Eje comunitario 1.jpeg


ArtBoretum broadens the options for learning and human endeavor in life and in a community.  


We impart artistic and environmental learning to diverse sectors of the surrounding communities in our region through workshops, and artistic presentations. We promote and participate in diverse initiatives, aimed at securing and preserving the wealth of cultural and natural diversity of our region. 

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