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Center for the Creation, Education, and Collaboration in the Performing Arts

ArtBoretum is a unique venue in Mexico, designed for retreats and residencies for research, creation, production, education, and exchange of performing arts and other disciplines. This exceptional center grew out of the vision of the prestigious internationally recognized theatre company Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes, whose interests have grown to the transmission of knowledge, and active participation in social and ecological projects.

ArtBoretum seeks to create art and convey knowledge through the work of recognized specialists in the arts, ecology, and human development, based on their own cutting-edge techniques.
It provides an ideal infrastructure in a privileged environment. Our buildings were designed using eco-design architectural concepts, able to satisfy technical and logistical requirements in exceptional conditions of isolation and concentration.

ArtBoretum is purposed for artists, performing arts companies and other art disciplines, educational institutions, research centers, foundations, ngo’s, company retreats, special interest groups, and individuals.


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